Friday, November 17, 2006

Obama at Saddleback

Chicago Tribune reports that Barak Obama is speaking at Saddleback Church on Sunday, Dec. 1, World AIDS Day. Who would have guessed? It is good to see one of the leading evangelical, more particularly Southern Baptist, churches giving the AIDS crisis such attention. I am wondering what having Obama there will do for the congregation and the community. I am sure that it can only help both the church and Barak, who is said to be running for President in 2008. The church will be giving AIDS attention and I would think getting respect for this in their community. I would also think that Saddleback attenders will be changed by what they hear and the result could be that even more people will learn what they can do to help those who are suffering with this disease as well as to help find a cure. Obama and Warren are drawing much-needed attention to AIDS. Other megachurch pastors--like Bill Hybels--have also put their leadership behind rallying churches throughout the United States to do more work on this epidemic. Christians are getting involved and that is good, but we need to correct what has taken us so long to get a heart and voice on this isssue.


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