Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rain and My Missing Paper

I'm trying to get used to a rainier climate, perhaps even investing in an umbrella. It seems like everywhere we served in Texas was in severe drought condition--broken only by floods of biblical proportion . Maybe I should spend time reflecting on that a bit, but shall move on. It is exciting to see people in our church taking steps to become more intentional about living as good neighbors in their neighborhoods. We have at least 20 who are adopting their streets/blocks to build relationships and a sense of real community. Twenty didn't sound like a lot to me until I started to think through the ripple effect this will have in neighborhoods throughout our city as their inhabitants grow closer together and seek to live in deeper relationships . Randy Frazee's tips from Willow Creek's Keeping Up with the Jones' have been helpful--getting outside more, inviting people to come over, the 10 minute rule, etc. Being neighborly is not hard, but our current mindset of doing life outside of our neighborhoods works against building real community with our closest neighbors. We just need to make some shifts in thinking and be present where we live. ------------------------------------------------ I started this entry on Monday. Today it is quite the opposite in weather--80 degrees today and dry! I am still trying to find out who won what from yesterday's election. I was looking forward to reading my morning paper, but discovered that it wasn't delivered. What a morning to not have a paper! It didn't look like anyone else on my street got them either. I did see on the news that Cedric Glover won our local mayoral race, becoming Shreveport's first black mayor. Being a new resident here, I was not current on the race and did not know one candidate from the other-- and was not able to vote, but it is good to see a good voter turnout and to see history made. Congratulations Cedric. I am preparing for our "Afternoon Encounter" service this afternoon and ran across an article about this week's lectionary readings and preparation for thanksgiving by Peter Gomes on the Christian Century website. Gomes does a fine job of tying Veteran's Day in with it as well. If you see my paper, let me know.


Blogger Johnny Leckie said...

Hey John!

Cedric Glover was a classmate of mine at Caddo Parish Magnet H.S. We were in the first graduating class back in the day.

I saw in the news that he won, and thought it was cool.

But in a totally unrelated topic, who's that guy in your profile? You seem to have a different look every time I see you! :-D

11/08/2006 11:20:00 AM  
Blogger John Henson said...


That's cool about you and Glover. Perhaps you can come back and become Vice Mayor. Or, at least tell some stories. Either you are referring to the longtime hiding of my profile behind the monopoly cartoon character or to my becoming more gravity-challenged and in need of a haircut. I miss the monopoly guy. As I look at your pic, you are either losing your head or your photographer has a twitch when snapping photos. Come see us soon.

11/08/2006 02:02:00 PM  
Blogger Jinny Henson said...

The paper deliverer called today and asked if there was a certain spot he could throw your paper so it would be more obvious!!!

11/09/2006 12:09:00 PM  

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