Monday, October 09, 2006

Teenagers and Faith

I have read two articles about teenangers and Christian faith today, coming across them by inadvertently as I checked my mail and news. The first one was on, dealing with Stephen Baldwin's ministry to teens. The second one was from the NY Times, which I discovered as a topic and link on Bruce Prescott's blog. It is clear that some (not nearly enough) evangelicals today are seeing the mindset of children and teens of today, espc. their indifference to church and Christianity. It is also evident that people like Baldwin and other evangelicals are trying to change the tide of what they see, but their actions seem only to further distance them from the emerging generations. What is scary to me is not the lack of interest in the Christian faith among teens, but how the modern approach from churches to postmodern-influenced generations is sometimes doing more harm than good--i.e.--Baldwin's approach. One purpose of this blog--and of my work in ministry--is to focus on what is the way we can help these emerging generations to get a good glimpse of Jesus and develop in faith. Stay tuned and feel free to share ways you have seen these gen.s connect with Jesus and church.


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