Monday, April 17, 2006

Blackouts and God or the Girl

What a crazy day, with a sweltering, record-breaking heat of 101. I can take that heat throughout the summer, but it is a bit hard to endure without a proper ramp-up. The heat caused rolling blackouts, knocking our power out here at home for a while. It was interesting to listen to TXU's explanations on the radio. One interviewee with TXU made it sound like it was planned. Great planning for a record-breaking day of heat! The power was on in time for me to watch God or the Girl, which I had seen advertised and wasn't sure it would be worth a watch. It turns out to be a pretty good show. Even though I am not a Roman Catholic priest, I could certainly identify with some of the feelings of trying to discern God's call to ministry as a pastor. The show did a great job of showing the crisis of faith that takes place, especially for the guy contemplating doing missionary work in Guatemala. Each of these men seem to have a real calling to ministry and it is a shame that a choice has to be made between God or a girl. I think only one has a girlfriend and a real decision between God or the girl, but the others know that choosing the priesthood means not choosing a mate or family in the future. I am not a Roman Catholic basher (like the fundamentalist protestant in tonight's show) and have the utmost respect for the church and her traditions, but I have never thought the tradition of celibacy made sense. The basis for it is weak and seems to lead to more problems within the church than it avoids. Jinny and I were talking during the show and I commented that, faced with the choice, I would have chosen her (which would not have meant not choosing God, just not the church). I was made for the companionship and love we share in our marriage and family. I am just glad I got God and the girl.


Blogger Seminarian said...


Thank you for posting on God or the Girl. As a Roman Catholic seminarian, it is intriguing to me to see the protestant view of the show, and while everyone seems to be at it, Celibacy.

There does however seem to be a common theme picked up on protestant blogs, which you mention as well. This is due to the absolute nature A&E is putting on the discernment process. The show could easily be named "God and the Church or God and the Girl" since God is present in both vocatins, as I'm sure that you have experienced God's presence in your marriage.

Take care, I will visit again.

4/18/2006 02:45:00 PM  

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