Thursday, April 13, 2006

Atonement Theories

Thanks to Kruse Kronicle for posting about Christainity Today's article on the Atonement. Mark Dever has written a good summary of the various theories throughout Christian history and brings up much to consider about focusing only on the penal-substitution theory. This topic was much in my mind today as I led a Holy Thursday service at a nursing home my hospice works in at times. I wasn't sure of who would show up or what they understood about the Gospel, but I knew they would need to hear about hope, God's love and His presence with them in the loneliness that comes at times in a nursing home. I mentioned our need as humankind for a savior; one to deliver us from our sins. But, I also talked about how God has provided us with a Victor over sickness, oppression and death. I remember when this topic came up in Systematic Theology in seminary and my professor (Dr. Bert Dominy) hesitating from embracing one central theory, but teaching how we can learn and apply something from each of them. This makes the most sense and it fits right in with Dever's "Many-Splendored Atonement."


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