Saturday, December 10, 2005

Incarnation and its applications

I read an article in my local paper with a fresh twist and thought-provoking challenge about the Incarnation. Much is said and sung during this time of year about God coming into our world, but do we really understand what it means for us today? The celebration of Advent helps us look back at the nativity to see when God took on flesh and it leads us to look ahead with preparation for how he will come to us again. But it is also for today and for what it means for Christ to live within and through us as we live on this earth today. I am certainly guilty of not considering enough what it means for God to indwell me; for not living out His presence within me in this world here and now. As said by someone else, it is easy to be so heavenly-minded that we become no earthly good. Considering the incarnation of God in Jesus this season ought to lead us to be earthly good.


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