Saturday, September 03, 2005

Praying for Katrina Vicitims

I found this prayer, written by Bo Prosser of Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in January for Tsunami vicitims. I adapted it for the hurricane victims and it is a great way to pray without ceasing during this time. Thanks Bo! Pray while brushing your teeth…the [Hurricane] victims may not be able to brush theirs today. Pray while cooking...the disaster victims may not have food today. Pray after a dream…those left behind in this terrible wake may not sleep today. Pray as you eat…that all will have some morsel of food today. Pray as you commute to work…the disaster victims don’t have roads today. Pray as you “click” your remote control…many don’t have homes today. Pray as you put money in the vending machine…that you may give selflessly to relief efforts. Pray as you lock yo ur doors tonight…that all may have shelter today. Pray when your phone rings…that all might be connected to someone today. Pray when you see the pictures of the devastation…that relief may come quickly. God’s in the silence! But, God hears us through the Chaos and Noise and Distractions.


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