Saturday, August 20, 2005

120 is the Loneliest Number

I recenlty was caller #9 on a call-in radio contest on local station--KLUV, 98.7. I was pumped, never before winning anything, and this time believing I won a Toyota Tacoma truck. I soon realized that I did win, but it was to be included with 130 other people to draw for a winning key to the truck at a Toyota dealership here in Ft. Worth. So, I went to to dealership today with high hopes and dreams of what I would do with that truck, only to have them dashed upon the rocks of radio contest despair. I drew for a number to draw a key, ending up as 120th in line. It was #3 that won. My first reaction was to throw my pinpong at the DJ, but I kept it as my only take away for investing half my Saturday waiting in line.


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