Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Jim Wright at Rockfish

I was eating lunch today at Rockfish in Ft. Worth and saw a white-haired, distinguished looking older gentleman walk in and sit down at a table within eyesight of mine. I recognized that he was Jim Wright, former Speaker of the House(1987-1989), and I checked with a waitress, who was paying close attention to him, to make sure it was him. I decided to stop by his table to introduce myself and to by chance get an autograph from him for my kids. He was happy to talk with me as he wrote them a note about doing well in school. He told me that he is now teaching some at Texas Christian University. I couldn't help but think of how powerful he was while representing Texas in the House and then, of course, as the Speaker. I remember reading about him in newspapers growing up and then in Political Science classes. His name is now in the news everyday around here as the Wright Amendment continues to be debated and discussed and as he writes a weekly column. What a great man to serve his state, country and to take time talking with people like me who approach him in a restaurant.


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