Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Enjoying Evolution Schmevolution Week

I just watched another night of Evolution Schmevolution week on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The show is one of my favorites and I watch it almost every night, but this week has been interesting and informative for me as a Christian. Tonight, for example, Stewart had a panel made up of a biology professor from Georgia(evolutionist), a rep from Intelligent Design--William Dembski--and introduced as a professor of theology at a Southern Baptist seminary, and the third person a proponent of a metaphysical view of creation. I thought all but the latter did an adequate job of describing his belief in the limited amount of time and the presentations went as they usually do. I thought the Biology professor/evolutionist was very open and welcoming of the other views, even stating his openness to creationism and other views being presented with evolution in the classroom. He said that he presents other views in his class to help his students better understand evolution. So why can't creationists be this accommodating about evolution being taught? The show always ends before I like and I know it is impossible to do the topic justice even in a week of 30 minute shows. The interviews, clips and satire keep me rolling. I cringe at the thought that there will be many viewers who believe those interviewed and spotlighted are normative for Christians just as people around the world think Christians in America are all like the gang at TBN.


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