Monday, September 18, 2006

Day 1--Millard Fuller Building Blitz

Here are some picts from today. Ten houses are being built in a neighborhood in Shreveport. Our church is building the one you see here. We started with a slab and by mid afternoon already had exterior and interior walls up, as well as Tyvek sheeting started and trusses getting ready. It has been an incredible experience, getting to meet people from all over the U.S. who have taken off work to come help folks from our church and the soon-to-be homeowner (I'll interview her tomorrow) transform our community. It has also been good to put hands to our faith and make a profound difference in seemingly small tasks. As I was walking back to my car this afternoon, I looked over at the old tenament shotgun-style houses, with broken windows and tilting frames and looked across the street to see brand new homes, representing a brand new future for this old, poverty-ridden neighborhood. I thought about what Jesus would think of this; of how God must be pleased when people of various races, colors and religions come together to build up a community together. I believe this kind of love and cooperation is a part of God's dream for this world and we are most like what He wants us to be when we join hand with our neighbors in this way. What we are doing this week is not a pipe dream, but has become a reality, giving hope for seeing a city transformed by God's love. This is what I think Jesus had in mind when he spoke of Kingdom. More tomorrow.


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