Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Kyle Lake's Funeral

I attended Kyle Lake's funeral today in Waco and was deeply moved by many things said and observed, particularly the number of people who attended and filled the sanctuary of FBC, Waco. I assume there was an overflow room with a TV, as there was standing room only left. As Jinny and I sat and waited for the service to begin, I kept thinking of how many lives Kyle had touched and affected to draw so many to one place today. Many of them I knew well(it was a blessing in the midst of the grief to see old friends, our youth minister and fellow youth group members) from our days growing up in Tyler, but many I know Kyle had connected with after he left home to attend Baylor and Truett and then to serve at UBC. The theme of comments made from friends and family was of Kyle's spunk in life, his playfulness(and that smile that we will always remember), his passion for Jesus, his desire to see new ways for Jesus' followers to be the church, and his devotion to his wife and children. As one speaker said, he was a "beautiful person, inside and out." I laughed, remembered and gave thanks during the eulogies given, but couldn't quit thinking about the loss and void created by Kyle's untimely, unexplainable death. I rejoiced in the fact that he is now with God and enjoying him now forever, but there is a lingering pain within me in knowing of the hard days ahead for the UBC congregation and for the Lake family, especially Jen and those three little children. May God bless the Lake family and all who mourn the loss of Kyle with constant reminders of His presence, love and compassion. May the things Kyle was passionate about endure in the lives of those who knew him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at the funeral also. I will deeply miss Kyle. I feel for Jen and those three kids. I'll pray for them and the rest of the Lake family. Also I'd like to say thank you to you who made this site.

11/03/2005 03:45:00 PM  

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