Wednesday, July 27, 2005

buechner on the presence of God

I am reading Buechner's "The Eyes of the Heart"(Harper San Francisco, 1999, p.97) and, as usual, run into powerful thoughts that prevent me from moving on without a long pause. "Trust that if God is anywhere, God is here, which means there is no telling where God will turn up next--around what sudden bend of the path if you happen to have your eyes and ears open, your wits about you, in what odd, small moments almost too foolish to tell. If God is ever, God is now, in and out of the breathing, the sound of the footstep on the stair, the smell of the rain, the touch of a hand on your bare shoulder where you kneel at the door. If God lives and loves, as the hayshed proclaimed, it is in ourselves no less than everywhere else, in the godless no less than the godliest, in the dead no less than the living . . ."


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