Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dr. Francis Collins

I was on one of my frequent trips back and forth from Shreveport and tuned in to the Diane Rehm show as she was hosting Francis Collins--a medical doctor, research scientist and a professing evangelical Christian--on her show. I had not heard of him before and was intrigued by what he had to say about the current issues of stem cell research, evolution vs. creation, and how Christians interpret the Bible. I appreciated what he had to say as a Christian about not having to take a literal interpretation--e.g. Genesis 1-2--to believe in God as Creator. He stated that to teach a young earth view of the earth and a literal 7 day creation will lead young students to reject Christianity, rendering them unable to take it seriously as they study science and the world around them; that they will turn away from the rest of Scripture and the Christian faith thinking this is the only interpretation. I don't too much about Collins yet and all of his views, but I was thankful to hear a man who is serious about following Christ and who finds no contradiction between his scientific research and beliefs and his Christian faith. Rehm was highlighting his new book, The Language of God, which I look forward to reading soon. Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly also interviewed him here.


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