Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lake Como

Today's Star-Telegram ran an excellent article on the Lake Como community in Ft. Worth. I was interested in it due to the fact that I just started doing a Meals on Wheels route there. It is also the community close by the SouthernCare office where I work as a Chaplain. I never knew about Lake Como until driving through there as a faster way to get to I-30 on my way home each day. One thing I have noticed is the older homes, the number of churches, the history and the poverty. The following article gives the history and is a great view of the changes in an urban community. As I read the part about the fences and walls, put up by the white community, it reminded me of the wall erected by Israel to keep the Palestinians separate. It is easy to look back on history with shame over the building of fences and walls to segregate one from "the other," yet I wonder what "fences" and "walls" are still in place in our communities today.


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